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The Creator Mindset Podcast

Nov 20, 2018

Christina Dobner has been in business for more than 35 years together with her husband Peter. Some of their successes on the way include Austrian Champions in ballroom dancing representing Austria at European and World Championships. They built a successful life in London even if they only arrive with two suitcases and savings for eight weeks. Christina and Peter started a company out of their spare room and received a range of business awards during these years. They sell this company in 2015 to pursue being their purpose of teaching the tools of Avatar course.

Today in this episode, Ariane discussed with Christina the journey of finding her Avatar master, how she was able to introduce the course to her husband and kids. Plus, they delve into the topic of finding peace through the tools of Avatar.

In this episode of The Creator Mindset Podcast:

  • How did Christina go from being a ballroom dancer to Avatar Course master
  • The pivotal moment of Christina’s life and take the Avatar Course
  • How she was introduced to the Avatar Course
  • The one exercise in the course that made a very huge impact on Christina’s journey
  • Hear from Christina how the course made them have a clear vision for their business

Key Takeaways

Create what you want to experience.

When you go through challenges in life, learn from them.

Connect with Christina:



Telephone number: 0043676423441