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The Creator Mindset Podcast

Nov 25, 2020

Danna Levy Hoffmann is a certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, specialising in gut health, and is the founder of Organilicious. She is a passionate public speaker, a Jamie Oliver ambassador, and a self proclaimed health freak, who is helping men and women everywhere embrace new levels of healthy living. Her motto: Deliciously Sustainable Lifestyle Changes!

In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • You will find out Danna Levy Hoffmann’s journey on becoming a business owner in food industry.
  • What motivated and pushed Danna to where she is now.
  • Danna’s mission in Food Revolution.
  • The right food to eat that fits you and your health.
  • You will know about a program that will fit your own lifestyle. 


Key Takeaways

  • I think we're all human. And I think that we tend to go to extremes. So we'll either we're all or nothing, most, most people are all or nothing.
  • People will have sensitive different sensitivities.
  • we have to understand that the medications that we've taken or take make a huge difference in our gut flora.
  • Being an entrepreneur and running your own businesses, it's never easy.


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